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Turkiyede-tedavi.co - USER AGREEMENT AND MEMBERS

Dear User; www.turkiyede-tedavi.co be a member of the site and to take advantage of services provided by the site to read the article that follows the rules and regulation of responsibility and you should not accept. If you stop using the site if you do not accept these conditions.


Site www.turkiyede-tedavi.co I,
User: the person visiting the site for non-members,
Standard Users: Users who accepted the contract,
Special Member: Members who take advantage of the features of the site for a fee,
Directory Member: doctor (medical doctor) or a person who declares that having industry expertise adjective, hospitals, hotels, medical tourism companies, medical / industry centers, elderly or disabled care centers, medical companies, spa / wellness refers to the center.

This agreement between the Member accepting the user agreement is approved by the site operator of turkiyede-tedavi.co electronically.


SITE, bringing together Member Directory Users and their established with general health issues and treatment and health services to inform users about the purpose of Turkey is not intended for treatment and diagnostic purposes. SITE is an information platform. The information contained in this site and / or any of the recommendations of the Guide does not imply an examination and diagnosis of disease Member patients, individual patients can not be a substitute for the medical examination. Guide answers given by members only and are intended to give an idea they are the answer without making the patient interview and examination. Stopping and changing the treatment according to the information contained in this site is not recommended.

Being a member of this site are required to take advantage of all the content on the site. Experts to ask more specific questions that have been asked before to see, membership is required to participate in the forums.

SITE, modify the content of the services and features offered by / always reserves the right to limit. This provision shall not be interpreted as limiting the rights granted to private Members.

SITE does not confirm the accuracy of the information and opinions given by members of the Guide does not control the content. Opinion given by the guide members and held responsible by reason of information.

SITE in the experts, fees during the activities under any name of the user within the site and do not demand compensation. SITE, the Guidelines on the basis of party members and / or corporate can not guarantee that they will operate within the site regularly. User directory on the site are not the site operator of the company's permanent Member Directory. Writing articles, answering questions on the site and all other activities are making money from completely voluntary and at no charge. All of these activities or to make part or is not completely at the discretion of Member Directory does not connect these activities in disruption or cessation in no way be the site.

SITE, other fee-based services, regardless of whether or not the user, or in a meeting with experts insult, slander, subversive acts, unethical behavior and so on. In cases where the user can restrict the use of the site / stop completely and may suspend, cancel the üye'lik status.

SITE has the right to stop for a reasonable time for maintenance and the requirements of existing services.

SITE, usage rules and policies may be put on services to be provided, you can always change it unilaterally. MEMBER business agrees to abide by those rules and policies.

SITE, owned and operated by third parties beyond his control other websites and / or portals, files or contents of the 'link' could. This' links, having obtained permission from the owner may be provided for ease of reference and the SITE link the website to support or operated by it does not mean any representations or warranties for information or website content, there is not the responsibility of the site in relation to such content.


MEMBER, that carries with it being the site for information purposes and for diagnostic treatment, and information can not be held responsible for the site of the opinion given by a Member of the Guide acknowledges and agrees.

MEMBERS OF THE SITE membership of the accuracy of the information it has provided during and for the protection of user passwords alone is responsible. MEMBERS during the use of the site will not infringe the rights of xnumx.şahıs, defamation, slander, sövmev to the customs and traditions undertakes to engage in actions contrary.

MEMBERS, could benefit from the site for personal purposes only, no commercial service is located in SITE whether or not extended to others declare.

MEMBER advantage of the provision of services Cost of services, including execution is immediate, monthly / yearly fee to bet or a refund because the use of services in certain periodic membership, deduction and transfer know you can not demand that acknowledges and agrees.

MEMBER systems used to access tools (user name, password, etc.), Security, storage, retention and fully the issues related to the unauthorized use of information away from the third person acknowledges that it is their responsibility. Security of the system to input means of the members, keeping, kept away from third parties information of the members because of all the neglect the issues and defects, such as the use and / or third party losses that may be incurred by or suffered by so sites, directly or indirectly, has no responsibility.

MEMBER site to access the hardware that you are using to ensure the adequacy of access to services and is responsible for their being unable to serve the cause of this SITE / services will not hold responsible for the inability to use the site.


All images contained in this site, database, information, documents and all kinds of material are eligible SITE MEMBERS services contained on this website is entitled to viewing only. Article directory installed by Members, video and so on. Member Directory is the author of the material, SITE has the right to use the rights granted to the author of this material to be published on the site. The works of the present situation does not entitle members User Guide for use other than personal use. MEMBERS would copy any materials contained in any event on the site, replication will, whether commercial undertakes to offer to spread the use of xnumx.şahıs.

The only exception to this provision and other descriptive data are given links and links to intervene within the scope of the requirement to account for personal use social media sharing over the SITE granted.


non-existent at the date of signing of this agreement, unpredictable and evolving beyond the control of the parties, or one of the parties with the emergence of both the impossible of their debts and responsibilities they are loaded with contracts partially or in full instead of Debts reckoned Law and malfunctions interruptions that may occur in the Internet infrastructure, actions that could lead to interruptions in service by studies that provide services for the site xnumx.fir parties, force majeure (s) are considered. In the event of force majeure lasts for more than a day 3 party has the right to unilaterally and without compensation for the termination of this contract.


E-mail provided during membership, address, surname, first names and so on. content form your personal information. SITE never share this information with other members.

Due to the nature of the service given by SITE may allow access to your personal information to guide member. SITE, via via User Guide, or other business partners may send you promotional mails, SMS or brochures could be sent.

Interviews with members of SITE in directory is outside in these terms will not be published on the site never asked specific questions and answers personal member information is not shared. SITE able to classify this information only for the purpose of collecting statistical data, publish anonymously.


MEMBERS may at any time terminate the membership on the site. Cost of services as a result of being expressed instantly take advantage of the services can not be required to refund the money if MEMBERSHIP cancellation fee.

SITE, members of this agreement in the event of failure to comply with written rules üye'lig can unilaterally and without notice to suspend / cancel, and members can apply to blocking techniques that will allow them to benefit from the site again.


Any disputes that may arise between MEMBERS SITE and will be primarily resolved by way of Peace. Parties, if consensus can not accept Germany Erlangen in Central Courts and Execution Directorates is competent and affirm.


SITE Turkish content prepared "Google Translate" such as automatic translation programs which can translate through into other languages. This translation does not accept responsibility for any errors that may occur because otomatil made. This translation is for charity.